Lauryn Hill - “Black Rage (Sketch)” 

"Lauryn Hill shared a version of "Black Rage", an interpretation of "My Favorite Things" that she’s performed live since, at least, 2012. She explains on Twitter that it’s an "old sketch" of the song that she made in her living room, and she dedicates it to Ferguson."

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August 22, 2001 — 13th year anniversary of the filming of Rock The Boat.
The days and hours preceding the crash had been happy and productive ones for Aaliyah. Work on the “Rock the Boat” video had begun in Miami on Aug. 22 with a nine-hour shoot on a soundstage, followed by a late-night trip to a local outdoor pool, where Aaliyah was filmed underwater in a sheer black dress with a long train. “At first she was real nervous,” says production assistant Norman Sadler, 33. “Once she got comfortable, she was in the water for four hours. She was a real pro.” — People Magazine {Sept. 2001}.

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Scandal A-Z
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Real Time with Bill Maher: 6.6.14 — Anthony Weiner, Jim Geraghety, Nicolle Wallace


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Janet Jackson’s tribute to Michael Jackson at the ‘09 MTV VMAS

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the police in a nutshell

Sounds like what they’ve done with the whole Mike Brown debacle. 

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I recorded this last night. The volume was mad low because my daughter was sleeping, so that’s my annoying mistake. But the audio is clear, just turn up your volume or use headphones and listen closely to the astonishingly malicious reporting from CNN International (which takes over American CNN every night for some reason).

They have 3 [Black] eyewitnesses, which they completely disregard by framing a false equivalency with— and I’m not making this up, "an anonymous caller who did NOT witness the shooting BUT is a friend of the officers"

Whaaaaaat? You’re rebutting 3 eyewitnesses with  an anonymous caller who did NOT even see the events AND is a friend of the shooter? Really?

Where they do that at?

CNN continues, “"an anonymous caller who did NOT witness the shooting BUT is a friend of the officers says Michael Brown was the aggressor, which CNN has CONFIRMED matches the account officer Wilson gave authorities.”

Oh, you confirmed it did you? Of course it matches, she’s representing the guy who will literally say anything to stay out of jail. She already admitted that she could not possibly know if what she’s saying is true, and CNN broadcasts it around the world. Think about that. They use the word “confirmed” in an attempt to add validity to propoganda, while making it sound like they did some work.  

Then, as if that wasn’t crazy enough, they immediately play the ANONYMOUS person’s call/version of events on TV!! (With captioning to make sure the narrative really burns into your consciousness.) Her version has literally zero merit. They did not play any of the eyewitness accounts and went straight to a play-by-play from someone who WASN’T EVEN THERE??!!

That is a gross violation of journalistic responsibility and public trust.

The question is not “if” but why; why have news networks chosen a side?

(Granted, none of these accounts are given under oath; none are automatically true. But at least ask people who could possibly be of value.)

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Seconding the “escalation of force” critique. Their weapon handling is shit. Their crowd control is shit. The police there are clearly poorly-trained, poorly-lead, and just generally fucking up in every way possible.

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